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Animal and Wildlife Artist – Stuart Fowle

I am a Devon animal and wildlife artist who specialises in wildlife art, horse art, horse portraits, pet portraits and prize farm animal portraits.

My work can be purchased as originals, prints, greetings cards and ACEO (Art Card Editions and Originals).

Please visit my BLOG to catch up on my latest news and general art related rambling.

Latest horse commission can be seen over in the Horse section of the site.

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Eagle drawing by Wildlife Artist Stuart Fowle Wildlife Artist Stuart Fowle Cat drawing by Wildlife Artist Stuart Fowle

Wildlife Art

Drawing from life

Pet Portraits

Images of native wildlife and wildlife from around the world. Includes birds and mammals.

As a person who enjoys nature and is passionate about drawing, I love trying to capture nature on paper while out in the countryside.

Commission a portrait of your horse, dog, cat etc. All portraits are done in a photo realistic style.

Horse drawing by Wildlife Artist Stuart Fowle

At heart I am an outdoor type of person, who finds being out in the countryside a pleasure and more so when I see and observe wildlife.

I work mainly in pencil, which is such a simple tool, but from which, with practice, amazing art can be created.

My drawings are done in a photo realistic style, but still retain a sense of freedom. All drawings are done on artist quality paper, and range from A5 to A2 sizes.

My original work is available for sale and various prints of selected works are also available to buy.

Latest Horse commission completed and delivered to a happy client, and can be seen on the Horse page.

Managed to get another painting done, in fact it was an older painting that I have tweaked to, I hope, improve the background. You can see the result on the Birds page.

So if you are interested in purchasing a drawing, or commissioning a study or a portrait, or even interested in hiring me for some illustration work, or just a chat about drawing, please contact me.

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The Devon Wildlife Trust

I also produce a range of native wildlife images for sale as giclee prints, 50% of the sale price is donated to the Devon Wildlife Trust.

All images are Copyright © of Stuart Fowle.

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