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Devon Wildlife Trust logo DWT is a registered charity working to make Devon a Living Landscape in which wildlife on land and at sea is varied, plentiful and widespread. We do this by securing the future of key wildlife sites, promoting the sustainable use of Devon’s natural resources and increasing support for wildlife in the County. Vist the DWT web site at


I am very proud to be able to help Devon Wildlife Trust, by producing a range of drawings of Devon and UK wildlife. Each drawing will be available as a print, and 50% of the sale price will be donated to the Devon Wildlife Trust.

All prints are produced on artist quality paper (Somerset Velvet) and printed using archival quality inks.

Payments are made using PayPal, which is a secure and accepted way of paying over the internet.

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Fox Eyes Print £15.00 (inc P&P)Image size 12cm x 8cm on A4

Red Fox drawing by wildlife artist Stuart Fowle The Red Fox, loved and hated by the British public. For some a persecuted wild animal, for others a pest that needs to be controlled. The country Fox, more elusive than his urban counterpart, but both opportunists and hardy survivors. Foxes have 3 to 8 young each year. Mating in January or February and birthing in March or April. A Fox, can live for 10 to 12 years, if he makes it that far.

Grey Heron Print £15.00 (inc P&P) Image size 15cm x 12cm on A4

Grey Heron drawing by wildlife artist Stuart Fowle The Grey Heron, quite a common site on British waterways, and also a frequent visitor to garden ponds. Unmistakable when you come across one, but usually they are so still that you don't see them, they see you and the first you know of it, is when they take to the air. Herons grow to 90cm to 98cm and can live for up to 25 years. This one is based on one of my own sketches of a Heron that I watched via a scope while on holiday in 2011.

Hedgehog Print £15.00 (inc P&P) Image size 14cm x 8cm on A4

Hedgehog drawing by wildlife artist Stuart Fowle The Hedgehogs tends to lead a solitary and nocturnal life. Instantly recognisable with his spiny coat, and his ability to curl into a spiny ball for self defence. Hedgehogs make great garden pest controllers, as they will eat almost anything (bugs, slugs, snails etc). They can live for up to 8 to 10 years and grow to 25cm to 29cm. This drawing is based on one that visited our garden durning the summer of 2011, I think the bird seed we put out for the birds was attracting him.

Dormouse Print: £15.00 (inc P&P) Image size 19cm x 12cm on A4

Dormouse drawing by wildlife artist Stuart Fowle The Dormouse is one the UK’s most endearing mammals. In Devon we are lucky to have these cute and secretive animals. The Dormouse(Muscardinus avellanarius) has an overall length of approx. 160mm (including tail), weighs approx. 15 to 25g and up to 40g during the Autumn. The Dormouse lives approx. 3 to 5 years. This drawing is based on photographs supplied by Devon Wildlife Trust, and represents a Dormouse moving along a branch.

Tawny Owl Print: £15.00 (inc P&P) Image size 23cm x 15cm on A4

Tawny Owl drawing by wildlife artist Stuart Fowle The Tawny owl the UK’s most common owl. Strictly nocturnal and lives in well wooded areas, such as farmland, parks and gardens. Famous for the tuwit, tuwoo call, which is actually two owls calling, a male and female. Diet consists of small mammals, birds, worms, beetles and amphibians. Tawny's grow to a size of approx. 38cm in height and have a wing span of approx. 99cm. A Tawny will live for 3 to 4 years in the wild.

Tawny Owl Greetings Cards £2.00 (inc P&P)

Tawny Owl (cards) drawing by wildlife artist Stuart Fowle Tawny owl on a greetings card, card size 10.5cm x 14.8cm and includes envelope. Card is left blank inside to allow you to use as notelet or write your own greeting. As with the prints, 50% of the purchase price will be donated to the Devon Wildlife Trust.

Red Deer Print: £15.00 (inc P&P) Image size 13cm x 21.5cm on A4

Red Deer drawing by wildlife artist Stuart Fowle The Red Deer, the largest UK deer species. The Red Deer (Cervus elaphus) prefers a woodland environment, and can grow to a length of 230cm (males) and 210cm (female). This drawing is based on very blurry photos and quick sketches of Red Deer in Devon.

All images are Copyright © of Stuart Fowle.

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